An Infrared Scan of Electrical Panel is a Smart Idea

Do you live in an older home with an older electrical panel? Has your dated electrical system had several add-ons and fixes over the years leaving you concerned about reliability? Here’s the dilemma – electrical connections and components do not get better with age! Therefore, it is a smart idea to have the electrical panel within your home evaluated for safety. An infrared scan by a qualified thermographer is simple, doesn’t take much time, and won’t break your wallet.

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A Successful Infrared Roof Scan Takes Planning

checklistWhether you are a beginning or seasoned infrared thermographer, it is important to go out on a Roof Scan Survey fully prepared and fully equipped. The last thing you need is to travel to site and transport all your gear to the top of some apartment building or high rise only then to discover that you are missing a key component to completing a quality roof scan. The following is a list of items that I have compiled to help the job go without a hitch. Contine reading