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Infrared (IR) technology can be used to find anomalies that may otherwise remain hidden in walls, floors, and ceilings. A properly trained infrared inspector can interpret an infrared image and determine if a roof or plumbing leak exists, if there is missing insulation, if an electrical component is reaching critical temperature levels, or if no major issues exist at all. Infrared technology is non-destructive and cost-effective.

Roof Scan Surveys


Large, insulated flat roofs are costly to maintain. With our infrared technology and extensive training, we can provide you with valuable information about whether the roof needs replacing OR whether it only needs minor repairs? Read More…

Electrical Surveys

infrared surveys of electrical systems showing where dangerous connection is located

Increasingly, insurance companies are requiring IR surveys of electrical and mechanical systems for their insured. Some companies may even offer discounts if you do. Surveys can help Increase Equipment Life, Lower Risks, Comply with Electric Codes, and Lower Repair Costs. Read More…

Moisture Investigations

Moisture within a building can damage building components which can lead to rot and/or mold.  Quick moisture detection is key to minimizing potential damage and repair costs. Read More…

Insulation Surveys

Keeping warm in an old house can be difficult. Often, houses built before 1940 were rarely insulated, and if they were, the insulation products originally installed may have settled over time, allowing heat to escape and/or the cold air to enter. Read More…

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