Does Your Facility Need Body Temperature Screening?

Thermography has been used for many years in the field of scanning for elevated body temperatures. No matter what type of operation you want to protect, body temperature screenings of personnel entering your facilities using infrared (IR) cameras makes sense for your business. We can help you screen visitors, contractors, and employees at whatever security level you plan to achieve.

On April 16, 2020, the White House and CDC came out with the document: “Opening up America Again” as guidance for citizens and businesses to get back to work. In Phase One, Phase Two and Phase Three of this guidance, temperature checks are recommended for employers. Installing fever screening stop checks in building entryways will give employees a sense of security and confidence about returning to work.

We can help you decide:

  • Consulting for clients on how best to conduct temperature checks and fever screening for particular facilities, traffic flow rates, schedules, and budgets.
  • Equipment sales of IR imaging systems which are specifically designed for temperature screening.
  • In-house training for the personnel who will be involved in conducting the screenings.
  • Expert technical support services, including on-site and remote troubleshooting, calibration testing, and temporary replacement equipment.

We can support your company with procedures that will help protect your company from future legal action by using accurate and repeatable fever screening procedures (with traceable standards) and expert consulting.

Thermal Imaging Partners (TIP) a national network of Certified Level 3 Infrared Thermographers who have been specifically trained in the application of thermal imaging humans entering facilities using infrared thermal imaging (IR thermography). Each contractor is required to first be trained & certified by completing an intensive multi-hour Body Temperature Screening Course through Infraspection Institute.

Pete Sutch – Level 3 Certified Infrared Thermographer #66019

Authorized “ElectricIR” Contractor with United Infrared, Inc